Adobe Suite

Graphics design software, to incorporate images, redsign, modify and process images.


This architecture helps with the design of web applications and interactive websites, utilizing the most up to date web browsers.


The third version of the CSS language to complement HTML. Used to organize the graphics and dynamic features of a website.


The fifth version of the internet based language, utilized to present the content of web pages.


The Java Script library works across many technological environments. Facilitates the writing of script in the HTML code for web pages.


Microsoft's internet design brand whihc facilitates the concepton, implementation and maintenance of IT programs.

SQL Server

Microsoft's database managment system. Including the storage and secure exchanging of information.


Provides software development tools based on .Net. This tool provides for the logistical requirements of projects.

Visual Studio

A complete software design program to aid in the production of applications and web services. Takes advantage of the capabilities of .net and above all allows the possibility of using distinct programming languages in the same environment.