Our company


Who we are

Engineers from the prestigious SUPELEC Higher Education Institute in France founded CASS in 2006. Among them, Roland Despinoy, who headed the start-up 8 years ago and today remains the director of the company.
El Salvador was chosen due to the opportunity it offers: with only an hour or two difference with the US, a cheaper lifestyle and a large population, CASS can offer competitive pricing, local expertise and European quality testing and management.
This combination has become more and more attractive to customers from both Europe and the United States.
We are a young and dynamic business and are always looking for new talent.
While holding on to and developing the same base of developers since its inception, CASS has seen an incremental growth in business at an average rate of 18% per year.
This year on year growth further solidifies our position in the information technology sector of El Salvador.
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What we do

CASS se dedica a dos actividades informáticas:

  • IT outsourcing: we have a raft of experience in software and website design and development. From outsourcing, to data hosting for web services, CASS is characterized by its highly specialized products which are customized and thoroughly tested for each of its clients.
  • We specialize in health systems: CASS designs and markets medical and administrative management systems for hospitals, clinics and health centers.(Doctor Smart – Clínica Virtual). We have also designed a unique free service directed at patients and doctors which allows both to access all the necessary medical data along with a medical directory all in the same place. (Mi Expediente) y directorios médicos (Go Doctor).Finally, we market a French information management system for laboratories with our French partner Infologic-Sante.

How do we work?

At CASS we follow the CMMI (Level 3) methodology, throughout all our projects, which we believe guarantees an end product of the highest standards. Our methodology ensures that we are constantly evaluating, documenting and correcting all our development processes. This high level of testing in our development, implementation and production processes along with procedural iteration tests, means our clients can have confidence in our ability to complete tasks to the required standard and to deliver on time. CASS also takes pride in being able to design products proportionally to the clients’ needs: our first step is always to advise on the technical and functional level necessary to meet the clients’ needs. In this way the client is able to be precise in deciding the capabilities and functionalities before deciding on how they would like to achieve the desired results. Secondly, included in all our projects is a technical maintenance team that deal with the evolution of the software, as it is used by customers; changing or adding functions for up to a year afterwards.

Our location in Central America offers an interesting alternative in the global software development industry. We already have a prestigious list of clients with verified successes. At the institutional level, CASS is an active member of the Salvadorian Chamber of Information and Communication Technologies and of the Franco-Salvadoran and Franco-Honduran Chambers of Commerce and Industry.



Central American Software Services is dedicated to sharing the knowledge and experience in software development that have been acquired over the past ten years. Through the program “Progra+”, it contributes to the improvement of work conditions for Salvadoran women who wish to learn about programming and software in general. The goals of the program are:

  • a better access to education for women in El Salvador
  • a broader access to high profile jobs in El Salvador
  • equality of wages between men and women
  • a greater competitiveness as a country in the globalized IT industry.

We are currently running a women only educational program in our offices for students to be able to develop highly marketable and sought-after IT skills. The classes are taught by experienced programmers, covering a broad scope and integrating both theory and practice.

There is a focus on proven learning techniques like “pair-programming”, where students program simultaneously with a senior developer on the same PC.