Health systems


What is Doctor Smart?

CASS has created a software system called Doctor Smart, a technology that connects all medical data and puts it all in one convenient and easily accessible place. Doctor Smart also connects existing programs and provides customized software packages for different health institutions.

CASS began the Doctor Smart initiative as a result of the experience gained from its long involvement in health software programs. Through its out-sourcing CASS worked with many international health programs including the International AIDS census as well as international health monitoring applications. In 2013 CASS and the french company: Infologic-Sante signed EXAMIC, a co-operative to promote their respective companies in the international market. CASS’ close ties with the Infologic-Sante means the development of Doctor Smart has become an international venture. Since 2011 Infologic – Sante and CASS have worked closely in creating Doctor Smart – Laboratories, an information network to manage specialized laboratories.


Why this approach to health systems?

The connection and retrieval of medical data is a key issue for health care professionals and patients. This issue not only impacts on the quality of the medical attention being given and received, but on the general understanding between patient and doctor. Insufficient or incomplete information means less transparency in the level of care given in the past and what can be done in the present and future. The following examples highlight the problems that can be experienced due to a lack of connection between medical data, the health care professionals and their patients:

  • Two doctors prescribe the same medication or order the same tests for a patient, increasing their medical costs and wasting valuable time.
  • A treatment leads to the deterioration of a patient’s health due to an allergy or an adverse reaction that was not detected due to insufficient information.
  • Difficulties in finding an available doctor within a reasonable proximity.

The Doctor Smart technology connects all medical information our goal is to:

  • Connect all the medical data already in existence .
  • Create a universally accessible and confidential clinical history for every patient.
  • Develop computerized management of health facilities (hospitals , laboratories , clinics … ) through a range of medical and administrative tools.
  • Provide doctors with applications to help track patients’ health, current treatments and aid in patient retention.
  • Provide patients with clinical appraisal and observation applications.

Development Philosophy

The Doctor Smart technology was created to provide practical tools for all. As a result we aim to deliver a user friendly and ergonomic system, which can be used in many ways. Our hope is to deliver a reactive and intuitive solution to a broad audience, without the need of technological expertise.