Our health systems

Doctor Smart – Virtual Clinic: Medical Administrative
Management in Hospitals and Clinics.

In addition to linking all types of clinical management systems into the same network, DOCTOR SMART has a complete range of easy to use medical and administrative management modules. DOCTOR SMART gives new life to old or incompatible software, allowing us to integrate a system that complements existing IT architecture and adds useful new features and functions.

DOCTOR SMART links all doctors, medical professionals into the same network and so allows the sharing of administrative data in real time. As such there’s never the problem of adding the same information twice into the system or having to manually upload data. In addition, thanks to an agile security system providing defined privileges and administrative rights , authorized users can modify and share medical data inside and outside their clinic, hospital or practice.

Doctor Smart technology takes existing information in the system and automatically alerts medical professionals to pharmalogical incompatibilities or treatment conflicts. The system will also automatically collate medications prescribed, the tests ordered and failed or repeated treatments. This way patients can rest assured they aren’t paying for the same test, treatment or medication twice.

Doctor Smart has also created DOCTOR SMART – Virtual Clinic, a simple and user-friendly management system to manage patient records and appointments. This program is fully compatible with all other Doctor Smart technology and allows its users to upload and download information regarding diagnosis’, receipts, pathology images, hospital forms, etc, through the My Med History service.

To learn more about our Doctor Smart – Virtual Clinic software, visit our website doctor-smart.com.


My Med History: All your medical data in one easy to reach place

My Med Health is a centralized online records system that stores the medical data of each patient whether from private or public hospitals, laboratories or clinics. The registered data belongs to both the patient and the health establishments that have updated them. Doctor Smart provides the whole medical history of a patient at the click of a mouse. As a result the patient can share them with the doctors or health centers of their choosing. Those health professionals can then see all or part of the virtual records depending on their speciality, and their initial diagnosis.

Doctor Smart is a system that will be present throughout the patient’s illness, with instructions about medications, reminders of when to take their medications, when another appointment is due or when to go for a vaccine or booster. My Med History also allows patients to publish a public medical profile, containing important information that can be easily accessed in an emergency (blood group, known allergies, etc.) by the emergency services or medical staff.

MyMedHistory is a completely free and confidential service, available at MyMedHistory.net.. To learn more about our privacy policy click here.


Go Doctor: a medical directory for patients and doctors

Go Doctor is the first free directory that satisfies the needs of both patients and doctors. Go Doctor allows a patient to find a doctor to suit their needs; they can search by name, specialty, date of availability, office hours, location or type of medical insurance. Once selected, the patient is able to organize an appointment directly using the online service.

Our service also unites all doctors in one community. Through Go Doctor, doctors can send and receive recommendations adding to their online presence, make new professional contacts and connect with more patients.


Doctor Smart Laboratories: A laboratory management System designed by Infologic-Santé

Our company also distributes the Doctor Smart – Laboratories software Doctor Smart- Laboratorios : a management system designed especially for laboratories. Doctor Smart – Laboratories is a program designed by our partner company Infologic-Sante, leaders of management software for genetic and pathology labs in francophone countries.

Doctor Smart – Laboratories fulfills all the requirements of the laboratories and proportionally increases the productivity, eficiency and traceability of the tecnichal operations throughout the analysis processes of the labs.